Medical Wizards

Aug 18, 2012

Medical Wizards Corporation
Android and iOS
Basic Version Free with Upgrades Available 


The Medical Wizards Library is a collection of award winning medical reference guides and decision support tools for healthcare professionals across a wide range of specialties. It is an easy-to-use, customizable, application where you can build the perfect, personalized clinical resource.

The Medical Wizards Library provides one point of access for all your medical software, allowing you to keep important medical information at your fingertips. By combining all your resources into one standard application, you can freely cross-reference among multiple purchased medical titles at once. The Medical Wizards Library features an easy-to-use interface, quick navigation, an in-depth user guide, and automatic product update notifications. From the main Medical Wizards Library screen you will see five menu options across the bottom: Library, Search, Add-Ons, Account and Updates.

Overall Impressions from Around the Web: Reviews vary widely on this app with some iOS reviewers very unhappy about the cost of add-ons while Android users seem to be quite happy with the quality of the material. 

Medical Wizards Library (iOS)

Medical Wizards (Android)