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March 7, 2017

Mar 7, 2017

daveIn order to ensure that patients who really need their opioids get them, the state of Florida now mandates that every pharmacist must have a CE on Controlled Medication Dispensing. Seven years ago, Florida dispensed 10 times the amount of opioids as the rest of the country added together. However, we no longer have that distinction and, in fact, we are now one of the hardest states to get opioids. This has caused problems for many patients who really need the medications but are refused by pharmacies who have decreased their inventory to avoid scrutiny by government agencies.

As a CE provider for this course, one of the things we have to discuss is how to determine if a patient is legitimately in need or if they are just good at persuasion. One of the best techniques for seeking the truth is a technique called motivational interviewing.

This week, our interview with Blandine Lacroix delves into how to use this method with diabetes patients. It is a great primer to help you with other patients as well.

Dave Joffe