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March 5, 2019

Mar 5, 2019

Last week, we had some information on the Da Qing Diabetes study, and I mentioned the problem with availability of the most popular ARB’s. Many of you asked for more information and we are completing a special report on what is going on and some possible solutions. Look to our next main newsletter for a complete explanation.

Most of us are on Facebook and certainly have figured out that if you look at a product anywhere on the web, it turns up as an ad on your Facebook page. It seems that somewhere along the way, I looked a some ads for clinical studies in diabetes and I got tagged. Just this morning, four out of the first 10 posts on my page were for diabetes-related studies. They included CGM’s, medications, and therapies for neuropathies.

All this advertising makes you realize how hard it is to get patients to participate in programs even when they are getting paid. This likely explains why Diabetes Prevention Programs have low participation. This week our UC Denver Skaggs School of Pharmacy Candidate Dahlia Elimairi has information on why the NDPP has such low participation, and the reason will likely surprise you.

Dave Joffe