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Low Pre-pregnancy Adiponectin Linked to Gestational Diabetes Risk

Sep 13, 2013

GDM risk for obese and overweight women with low adiponectin even higher….

The study, led by Hedderson et al, was designed as a nested case-control and included women who were planning for a pregnancy and who took part in the Kaiser Permanente Multiphasic Health Check-up exam. All female participants were free of any diabetes. Those who developed gestational diabetes were part of the case group (n=256), with two control subjects matched for every one case subject.

Results found that women with the lowest concentrations of adiponectin, showed the highest risk of gestational diabetes. Furthermore, when the women’s adiponectin levels were below the median (<10.29 mg/mL) and they were also overweight or obese, their risk level for gestational diabetes increased by sevenfold.

In essence, the authors of the study concluded that low adiponectin concentration before pregnancy is "a marker of decreased insulin sensitivity and altered adipocyte endocrine function." As a result, they believe this marker may be used as a "target for early intervention" to reduce the risk of developing gestational diabetes mellitus among women prior to pregnancy.

Hedderson et al. Low Prepregnancy Adiponectin Concentrations Are Associated With a Marked Increase in Risk for Development of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes Care. 2013. Abstract