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Low-Fat, Higher Complex-Carb Diet Versus Low-Carbohydrate, Higher-Fat Diet

Aug 21, 2015

A better diet that help control gestational diabetes mellitus…

It is found to be beneficial for pregnant women with gestational diabetes to be on a Higher-Complex Carbohydrate/Low-Fat (CHOICE) diet, according to a study published by Diabetes Care.

The purpose of this study was to challenge the conventional low-carbohydrate/higher-fat (LC/CONV) diet, explaining that a higher-complex, carbohydrate/lower-fat (CHOICE) diet in gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) patients would make a difference in insulin resistance, adipose tissue lipolysis and infant adiposity.

At 31 weeks during this clinical trial, 12 diet-controlled overweight/obese women with gestational diabetes mellitus were randomized to an isocaloric LC/CONV (40% carbohydrate/45% fat/15% protein; n = 6) or CHOICE (60%/25%/15%; n = 6) diet. All meals were provided. Adipose tissue was biopsied at 37 weeks.

After approximately seven weeks, the researchers found that patients who were on the CHOICE diet had better results compared to those on the LC/CONV diet. Patients on the CHOICE diet saw a decrease in fasting glucose (P = 0.03) and free fatty acids (P = 0.06). Patients on LC/CONV (P = 0.03) saw an increase in fasting glucose. Insulin suppression of adipose tissue lipolysis improved on CHOICE compared to LC/CONV (56% vs. 31%; P=.005). There was also an improvement in insulin resistance. Adipose tissue expression of multiple proinflammatory genes (P < 0.01) and infant adiposity were also lower with the CHOICE diet.

This study concluded that a higher-complex, carbohydrate/lower-fat (CHOICE) diet might improve maternal insulin resistance and infant adiposity compared to conventional low-carbohydrate/higher-fat (LC/CONV) diet.

Practical Pearls:

  • CHOICE diet improves insulin resistance.
  • CHOICE diet decreases fasting glucose and free fatty acids.
  • Infant adiposity was also lower with the CHOICE diet.

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