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Lose It!

Sep 4, 2012
Android, iOS


This app allows your patients to input their current and goal weight, as well as desired rate of weight loss to formulate a "calorie budget."

Input food intake using the app’s large searchable database of products, or manually enter foods, and the app keeps track of total calorie intake. Patients can also track a customizable list of nutrients for daily totals. This list includes carbohydrates and fiber, but the app cautions the user that some data may be inaccurate. 

Overall Impressions from Around the Web:

Very positive reviews with many commenters reporting weight loss but only if the user actually uses the app. Some complaints that it isn’t being updated as quickly as preferred especially in terms of chain restaurants such as McDonald’s (which has attempting to make its menu "healthier" over the last year).

Lose It! (iOS)

Lose It! (Android)