LogFrog DB Lite

Jan 21, 2017

By Amphistyle, Inc.

iOS/ Free for first 7 days; Upgrade to unlimited $2.99

Manage diabetes quickly and on the go with LogFrog DB Lite, free for seven days of use! In a few LogFrog2LogFrog1seconds you can track:

  • blood glucose
  • insulin or oral medication
  • carb intake
  • exercise
  • weight
  • blood pressure
  • A1c
  • doctor visits and other medical records

Reminders help you remember to take meds and check your blood sugar. LogFrog DB Lite will keep you organized and help you analyze and better understand your data.

What truly sets this app apart is its look-and-feel: you’ve never tried a health app as fun as LogFrog DB! A warm, animated interface moves you through entry, review, and analysis tasks fast. Don’t get drained by apps that feel like medical charts. Get motivated with an app you’ll enjoy using again and again!

To download: iOs