Monday , July 23 2018


Sep 1, 2012

Gnoso, Inc.


Trying to keep track of glucose levels while on the go can be a hassle.

With Log for Life’s mobile logging feature, your patients can now leave the pen and paper at home. If they have a mobile phone that can send email, connect to the web, or send a text message to an email address, then they can take advantage of Log for Life’s mobile logging. When your patients use email to submit entries, they can just use the simple code that allows the application to record the entry accurately every time. 


Overall Impressions from Around the Web:

This app is getting mixed reviews probably due at least partly to the high price. However, it was designed by a graphic designer with type 1 diabetes and received an award from DiabetesMine:

For patients seriously wanting to monitor their blodd sugars, this app is worth a look.


Log For Life: Diabetes Quick Entry (iOS)

Not yet available for Android