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Linda Siminerio Part 4, What’s Most Important for Treating Patients

In part 4 of this Exclusive Interview, Dr. Linda Siminerio explains the most important part of patient care in a conversation with Diabetes in Control Publisher Steve Freed during the ADA meeting in San Diego, California.

Dr. Linda Siminerio RN, PhD is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh and Executive Director of the University of Pittsburgh Diabetes Institute.

Transcript of this video segment:

Steve: What do you suggest? You sit with a patent, you’ve got their blood results, you’ve got their triglycerides…cholesterol…LDL…A1C…fasting blood sugar…blood pressure. It’s five or six pages, you can’t explain everything on there.

Dr. Siminerio: No, but we try to.

Steve: What do you find are the most important couple of things?

Dr. Siminerio: Getting to know the patient. And that’s what shared decision making is all about. You know, I’ve got some colleagues who had this epiphany that, “Oh my gosh this is the way we should be approaching patients.” We feel like we’ve got do all of these things and I always cite a study that in follow-up visit the number of prescriptions and recommendations that the patient has to absorb that the provider is giving to that patient is phenomenal. Then you leave there and it’s overwhelming. I think we need to start a conversation with, “What’s the biggest concern for you? What about your diabetes has been challenging?” Just to have an open-ended question to really gain an insight of what the patient is there for, we just assume we know.

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