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Letter from the Editor: Tour de France

Jul 25, 2010

During the past week the Tour de France has been in full swing. As a budding cyclist I have been watching the race with interest as it has wound its way through over 2,276 miles of France.

Some of the rider strategies and techniques are very similar to what our patients do. There were riders who wanted to win the whole thing and every day was important to them. They planned their rides for what the terrain would bring and how that would affect their overall outcome. There were the sprinters who barely made it through the mountains and then would wait for the flatlands to win a segment while the climbers would excel at 5,900 ft but fail miserably on level ground. Interestingly the largest group had no chance of winning anything but just wanted to finish the race and help others to higher finishes.

This race has featured both beautiful scenery and treacherous roads. Because of media coverage and the interest in Lance Armstrong, millions of Americans have followed the race. As I was watching, I noticed that I wanted to ride more: when I talked to fellow riders they felt the same way. Last weekend there were far more casual riders than usual out even though the temperatures were in the 90’s by 11 am. At a local stopping point near the waterfront I asked a few riders if they were watching the “Tour.” Many of them said they were and had “caught the riding bug,” getting on their bikes for the first time in months.

Maybe there is a way we could capitalize on this for our patients. Numerous studies have been done on the negative effects of television and movies, some pointing to increased violence and abuse, others to the increased obesity and health problems. Maybe it is time to turn that around. Maybe if there was more coverage of participant sports which involved riding or walking or running then our patients would more motivated to try.

One way might be something like “The Aquaphor Le Tour Challenge” This online challenge took your own ride, plugged it into the tour and let you know how you would have done riding alongside Lance and the other top pros in the race. In addition you could text a $10 dollar donation to the ADA.


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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief