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Letter from the Editor: New Healthcare Rules

Sep 26, 2010

Some new healthcare rules took effect last week offering a measure of safety and security for our diabetes patients. As part of the healthcare reform act of 2010, adult children can stay on their parents’ insurance through age 26, they cannot be dropped for pre-existing conditions and their insurance cannot be cancelled for overspending. Look for these changes to help your young adult patients continue to receive care for their diabetes.

We are all aware by now that the FDA has put severe restrictions on the use of Avandia, while the EMA has taken it off the market altogether. This whole chain of events has probably just made it harder for new drugs to get approved. Although this sounds bad it appears that it may not be a lack of new drugs but rather patient non-adherence that is the real culprit. Data from the Global Attitudes of Patients and Physicians (GAPP) survey indicated that 77% of physicians feel that patients skip at least six doses of insulin a month and at least 88% of physicians feel that a significant number of patients are failing to reach blood glucose targets.

This week we reach into the archive of articles from Dr. Sheri Colberg, Ph.D., FACSM so she can help you give your patients Motivational Tips to Keep Fit, Part 1.


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