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Letter from the Editor, #796

Aug 6, 2015

Often when a diabetes patient goes out of the house, they have a whole backpack full of stuff, including meters, strips, lancets, glucose tabs, insulin pens or extra pump sets, a cell phone and maybe a CGMS device.

Keeping up with their bag of diabetes supplies can be a burden that makes a patient not care if they grab it or if they have everything they need. This week, the FDA gave approval to the new Dexcom Continuous Glucose meter. Using this system, the patient has less to carry and if they are a child, there is less to lose or leave behind. Check out item #2 to learn more.

For your newly diagnosed kids, these devices can make a big difference, as you can see by reading Item #8, which tells how starting with technology from day 1 is probably a good idea.



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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief