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Letter from the Editor, #788

Jun 30, 2015

Last week I was in the checkout lane at a grocery store and noticed how many magazines there were for diabetes and weight loss. It seems that almost every one of the headlines had something to do with eating more fat to lose weight. I looked at the articles and I saw exactly why they sell but don’t necessarily help. It seems that the message is "Eat anything you want as long as you have plenty of fat." This never works in the real world as patients eat all that fat with rice, or pasta and then they down sodas or other sugary drinks that actually pack on the pounds and there A1c’s climb. This week our items #5, #6 and #11 all lay a great foundation for the correct way to talk to your patients.

Often the United States is rated as the country with the most patient errors in the healthcare system. Many health professionals say this is because we have a disjointed system with many providers and payers, and that this makes the US an incubator for disconnected coverage. The field of providers is going to shrink by one now as Aetna is buying Humana. That means at least 33 million Americans will be under coordinated care.


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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief