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Letter from the Editor, #786

Jun 16, 2015

When we were reviewing the data and presentations from the recent ADA Scientific Sessions we were commenting on how often a study comes out at this meeting that lends credibility to what you are already doing. This week we have a new study that talks about using triple therapy in type 1 patients. Item #4 seems to verify what our board member, Stanley Schwartz, has been doing for years. Learn more here about a way to accomplish that in your patients.

The studies released at the ADA also include information proving that something obvious is true and why. There is no doubt that each of us could name quite a few patients with spouses who we are 100% sure will be back in the next year or so with diabetes. Often times we see the food habits of members of the same family and we wonder if we can explain how changing those choices can prevent them from getting diabetes. Our Item #5 delves into how we can prevent this progression. 




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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief