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Letter from the Editor, #776

Apr 6, 2015

Have you ever had your patients tell you that they only eat small servings and they are never hungry? I find it interesting that obese patients will suddenly swear that they are eating less just because we tell them to. They had to have had that message over and over before they were diagnosed with diabetes and even though we know that gastric emptying times are decreased in these patients because of a decrease in GLP-1 production we still expect to have our patients decrease serving sizes to treat their elevated weight and blood pressure, just because we tell them to.

A better approach might be to let them eat as much as they want but guide them to selecting the right food to gorge on. This seems to work for many patients and gives them a sense of success even as they try their darnest to out eat each other.

As more proof to the fact that portion downsizing does not work. we have a study from the American Psychosomatic Society showing what happens when you try to downsize portions on patients.

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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief