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Letter from the Editor, #773

Mar 19, 2015

The most frequently asked questions in our diabetes classes have to do with drinking sodas. This usually occurs when we are talking about carbohydrate counting. The comments made usually revolves around artificial sweeteners and cancer or that using artificial sweeteners makes you crave more sugar. The first one seems to be based on a study done in rats years ago. This study showed that if a rat consumed the equivalent of 75 cans of diet soda a day there was a slight increased risk of cancer. I don’t think I have met anyone who drinks even 12 cans a day much less 75. The second one gets more attention but if you use some logic you’ll see that even if it is true, drinking a zero calorie drink that makes you crave another zero calorie drink is better than drinking a 160 calorie drink that makes you crave another 160 calorie drink.

Still, there are many patients, educators and medical professionals who believe that using artificially sweetened drinks will worsen diabetes. For those of you who feel that way we have been in touch with Sylvia Melendez Klinger, MS, RDN, LDN, CPT, and scientific advisor to the Calorie Control Council, and she has provided us with her organization’s information on the recent SALSA study that is being touted.

CrossFit and other extreme fitness programs are all the rage today, and many younger type 1 patients believe they should be participating. But are these types of programs good in the long term for these patients? We turned to our physical fitness expert, Dr. Sheri Colberg, to find out if CrossFit, and insulin bodybuilding are beneficial for patients.


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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief