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Letter from the Editor, #763

Jan 8, 2015

This past week I have been at CES in Las Vegas. During the four days I was there, I spent three of them in the fitness, digital health, and wellness areas. There were over 350 exhibitors with products that they promise will revolutionize health and fitness. This is a far cry from three years ago when there was only six exhibitors. 

The Quell from NeuroMetrix is a wearable device which focuses on neuropathic painInterestingly, we at Diabetes In Control started reporting on this company back in 2006 when they were first doing studies. They have since completed those studies and introduced the product which you can see me checking out in the picture at the right. 

We also spent some time with our good friend Sonny Vu, at Misfit, the makers of the Shine activity monitor and learned about some new things are coming soon which we’ll be sharing with you in future issues.

All this fitness gear makes good sense if we want to take advantage of the information in Item’s #3 and #4, and we can make sure that we give our patients the best info by sharing Practical Advice to Rev Up Your Workouts and Lower Fatigue, from Dr. Sheri Colberg.


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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief