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Letter from the Editor, #758

Dec 3, 2014

It has been about five years since Dr. Steven Nissen started his public attack on the TZDs. His outspoken observations drove many prescribers away from using pioglitazone or rosiglitazone, and the FDA even agreed with his opinions, which drove the rest of us to stop using the medication all together. Two and a half years later, after a "vigorous" review, the FDA said "oops" we were a little over zealous and these TZDs are not as bad as we told you. However, by then the damage was done and the use of these drugs had declined to an almost non-existant level. Now there is new research coming from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute that explains how these TZDs did such a great job and how they affect the MEK/ERK pathway, possibly paving the way for both new diabetes drugs and new cancer drugs.

Our good friends at Animas and Dexcom have finally gotten their combo pump and CGMS approved, and hopefully many of our patients will be able to take advantage of their technology. However, for many of our patients, just being able to get insulin is becoming very hard. To see how making sure insulin and syringes are available makes a gigantic difference for many of our uninsured patients, check out this link.



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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief