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Letter from the Editor, #754

Nov 7, 2014
Last week, my daughter was out for a 100 mile bike ride and at mile 78 she was coming down a bridge on Madera Beach at about 27 mph when a car cut in front of her to make a right turn. She braked very hard, hit some gravel and glass and blew her back tire. She went over the handle bars and landed unconscious on the road. Nothing was broken but when the EMTs got there she had a hematoma under her left eye, and the skin was burned off the left side of her face, left shoulder and arm, and left knee. When we got done at the hospital she was all bandaged up and her chin needed a couple of stitches.
We knew that the raw skin would be the most painful thing but then one of our fellow riders told us about Manuka honey. Bill is a below-the-knee amputee who spends time with new amputees helping them, and he has been using the high grade Manuka honey for irritations and sores with these new patients for many years and has had great results. He learned about the use of this honey during one of his cross-country cycling rides after a crash left him with patches of raw skin.
We got a jar and applied a small amount of the honey under Tegaderm patches and the next day, the improvement was amazing and the pain decreased considerably. This may be a great thing to try with your patients who have sores or wounds. Find out more here about Manuka honey.
If your patients have more serious wounds then you may want to check out our item on the research on deferoxamine patches. This 60-year-old medication can significantly improve foot ulcers in diabetes patients.

These two ideas for wound healing make extra sense for our patients who are on certain diabetes medications. See the item on Antimicrobial Use Associated with Increased Risk of Hypoglycemia in Patients Using Sulfonylureas to find out what I am talking about. 




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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief