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Letter from the Editor, #738: Afrezza

Jul 18, 2014

After a long battle and comments from many doubters the FDA has approved the inhaled insulin, Afrezza. As soon as the approval came the nay-sayers were quick to remind us of what a failure Exubera had been and there was no way that this new inhaled insulin stood a chance.

When Exubera first came out, there were about 100 of us who were flown to New York to become "train the trainers" for the product. If you remember, it was cumbersome and hard to use and converting mg’s to units was tedious at best.

One of the professionals who was with me in NYC was Dr. R. Keith Campbell, RPh, FAADE, FASHP, FAPhA, CDE and Professor Emeritus at Washington State University. Dr. Campbell has lived with type 1 diabetes for over 50 years and is the guru when it comes to new insulin therapies.

This week we asked Dr. Campbell to share his research and opinions on this new inhaled insulin and why the time is right for patients to use it. In addition he has secured for us the actual package insert for the medication as well as the Medication Guide. Please read his article and if you would like to share your opinion on this new product just email me at

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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief