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Letter from the Editor #725

Apr 16, 2014
This past week I was in the corporate office of one of the most successful ACO’s in the country meeting with members of their diabetes initiative project. As you know, improvement in A1c’s is a major grading point for 5-star quality ratings and this group has been charged with lowering A1c’s among all their patients. 
We discussed many things including the use of urine glucose testing strips. Before glucose monitors came into widespread use, our only patient use tool was a urine strip. These readings were not very timely for patients as they often lagged 6-8 hours behind actual glucose levels. 
They had prescription data showing that most of their type 2 patients either rarely or never checked their glucose. My suggestion was to give these patients urine strips and ask them to check their glucose 2-3 times a day just so they could see some indication of control. 
Now a new study published in the journal Heart seems to back up this idea of urine testing but this time for adherence to blood pressure medication. The study showed that most patients who appear to be taking blood pressure medications, who still have readings well above normal, are unlikely to be taking any of their drugs, and that a simple urine test could save time, money and expensive procedures later. 

While we are on the subject of hypertension you may want to check out item #8 about comparing the value of ACE inhibitors and ARB’s — you may be surprised by the results.  


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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief