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Letter from the Editor #724:

Apr 11, 2014

This week the CMS announced that they will start to publish the amount of money that is paid to prescribers for Medicare patients. This goes along with ProPublica’s announcement that they will be releasing complete information on fees paid to physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants. Your patients will now be able to click on a button and see how much money your practice makes. While this seems transparent, there are a lot of things that your patients won’t see. They will never see your cost of service, employee payroll and benefits, rent, electricity and the like, giving them a false evaluation of what they think you are taking home each year. Be prepared for your patients to use this high number to feel less inclined to pay their copays or balances due.

Did you know that patients who have hypoglycemia often have quick emptying? This is the body’s attempt to elevate glucose. This week the last item in our newsletter looks at how this emptying is affected by using a GLP-1 analog.


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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief