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Letter from the Editor #720: CMS Backs MTM Services

Mar 11, 2014
On Thursday night I had the chance to talk to a group of MTM pharmacists for one of the original pioneer ACO’s in the U.S. It was interesting that they had been able to build a good working relationship with the prescribers in their multiple offices. Usually when I speak with prescribers they express disdain for the pharmacist who calls them up to tell them, "That drug is not covered, the strength is wrong, the directions are wrong," and the like. This group of pharmacists has convinced their prescribers that having a pharmacist help with medication management improves patient care, eases their workload, and saves money for their ACO. Medicare obviously thinks this is true as they are planning to expand MTM services by pharmacists according to their just-released proposal. According to CMS, "Studies indicates that for every $1 spent on MTM services, $12 is saved and in addition to these savings, patients also realize significant improvements in key health measures and satisfaction." So take advantage of these medical professionals to improve care by referring your patients whenever possible.

One item this week on eating choices points out an often overlooked factor. We know that visceral fat that forms in the midsection can have the most devastating effect on our health, and now a new study helps us understand why certain fats are more harmful than others. 


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