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Letter from the Editor, #711: CES, Forxiga, and Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

Jan 10, 2014
I am at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week and it is easy to see how technology is moving into the healthcare segment. Three years ago, less than 2% of the booths were dedicated to health and wellness — this year, a full 30% of them are. There are new glucose meters and a tremendous amount of connectivity products for uploading data on individual patients. In addition there are multiple companies showing off "wearables." These are devices that people wear that constantly record and upload health information for both personal review and delivery to medical professionals.
Companies that measure fitness are a big part of the exhibitors, and medical record and billing products also take up a great deal of space. At the Dexcom exhibit, the company president, Terry Gregg, spoke about their continuous glucose monitor and possible uses for this technology other than managing diabetes. We will have an update on these new products in the next few weeks. 
Be sure that you check out this week’s Item #1 which discusses the FDA approval of a new SGLT-2 inhibitor and why AZ and BMS reps are screaming, "Yappa Dappa Doo!"

During the first few weeks of every year we see a plethora of new diets, exercise plans and equipment that "guarantee" to make you thin, sexy and healthy. We know that although these and many older plans can work, the main reason they fail is because patients won’t make permanent changes. Now, when a patient tells you that they are going to try a new program you can hand them a copy of this week’s article by Dr. Sheri Colberg, Achieving Lasting Adoption of Lifestyle Changes, and maybe just maybe they will read it and be successful.


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