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Letter from the Editor, #707:

Dec 13, 2013

Last month many of you took the time to read and print our column from Dr. Sheri Colberg on exercises for older adults. However, some of our readers then messaged me about the challenges that patients have with balance and exercise so I went back to Dr. Colberg and asked her about this. In response, she prepared a great article on balance exercises and included some tips on how your patients can evaluate their balance before they begin. (Check out this week’s Tool for Your Practice for a copy in pdf format which you can print and hand out.)

The FDA advisory board has given a positive rating to the SGLT2 inhibitor, dapagliflozin, and we can now expect the FDA to go ahead and approve this second-in-class drug in the near future. It will be interesting to see how this medication does in the marketplace. Compare this to the BMS/AZ machine and their big presence in the diabetes market. With Byetta, Bydureon,Symlin, Onglyza, Kombiglize and now Forxiga, BMS/AZ has the most complete non-insulin portfolio of diabetes medication and a large and well-trained sales force. It will be interesting to see if first-to-market in SGLT2 inhibitors has the same advantage as it did for Januvia, the first DPP4 inhibitor.


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