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Letter from the Editor, #702

Nov 8, 2013

For the last year we have had a generic version of the alpha glucosidase inhibitor, Acarbose. Many of you would never prescribe this medication because of the possible side effects of gas and gastric discomfort. In addition there did not appear to be a real benefit as far as A1c drop was concerned. Last week we had an item about the comparability of acarbose and metformin as an initial treatment for type 2 diabetes and this week we see further evidence of the value of this alpha glucosidase inhibitor and the real possibility that using this non-systemic medication can delay the progression of carotid intima-media thickness thereby reducing the risk of CVD development. Maybe it is time for us to reconsider using this medication in our type 2 patients.

Last month, our reporter Jacqueline Middleton was at the USA Pro Challenge in Colorado to cover Team Novo Nordisk as they competed on an international level in America’s premier cycling race. She was working on a two part feature and has now made the second installment available to us.

If your patients are trying to watch their carbs but want to eat bread or bagels then check out the new product that our publisher, Stephen Freed, has found from the Great Low Carb Bread Company. The manufacturer advertises 2 net carbs per bagel, and last week I put it to the test with four type 2 patients. We tested for post prandial glucose spikes versus regular bagels. The regular bagels caused an 1 hour glucose raise of 45 mg/dl on average and the new Low Carb Bagels had an average increase of only 14 mg/dl. Check out the discount link below and order yourself some.


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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief