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Letter from the Editor, #685: Autonomic Neuropathy and Exercise

Jul 10, 2013

Autonomic neuropathy is damage to the central nervous system that is often caused by diabetes and can result in silent ischemia, hyperthermia, or lightheadedness with standing and during exercise. These factors make recommending physical activity difficult and precarious in some of our patients. If your patient has cardiac symptoms or gastroparesis, it is even more difficult. This week, Dr. Sheri Colberg looks at the problems associated with this type of neuropathy and how to prescribe an activity program for these patients.

Over the past six months we have had many studies and articles about the value of eating breakfast for preventing and managing diabetes and obesity. In fact most healthy weight programs indicate that eating breakfast is the most important part of their program. Now a new study from Europe shows that eating breakfast can not only help with weight but can also affect cardiovascular risk factors.


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