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Letter from the Editor #670

Mar 29, 2013

Last November our intern Andre McMahon put together a good article on How the Liver Affects Insulin and Vice Versa: Part 1 Carbohydrate Metabolism with his insights into carbohydrate metabolism. This week he has Part 2, How Obesity and Lipid Metabolism play into how the Liver Affects Insulin and Vice Versa.

As our country gets fatter and fatter we keep having to make changes in how we live and what we enjoy. Last year we reported on how hospitals, restaurants and hotels had had to change toilet fixtures because of excessive obesity. You may remember that they changed from wall mounted to floor mounted toilets as people were actually breaking the fixtures off the wall due to excess weight. They also had to change from plastic back to wooden toilet seats as patients were breaking them as well. Now a new warning from the Journal of Veterinary Behavior says "Nay" to obese riders because their heavier passengers are causing back problems and lameness for the horses. 

One new drug that could help make a difference for our type 2 diabetes patients is Johnson & Johnson’s SGLT2 inhibitor, canagliflozin (Invokana) which just received approval from the FDA on Friday. (See this week’s Item #1 for more details.)


Topics: Toby Petersen of the Dallas Stars, shares his story on controlling his diabetes on and off the ice; Adam Morrison talks about diabetes, basketball and being #1 on dLife Awards; A day in the diabetes life of NFL Pittsburgh Steeler Kendall Simmons; dLife profiles MLB pro pitcher Brandon Morrow. Sundays live online at at 7 PM ET, 6 PM CT, and 4 PM PT. Keep up on the latest dLife news at

With a day packed full of education, motivational tools, one-on-one sessions, and workshops, the TCOYD health fair is a great way to get your patients to take better care of their health and themselves.

Please answer this week’s poll: What A1c result would you like to have regardless of diabetes?
We can make a difference!

Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief