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Letter from the Editor #643 My Well Planner

Sep 14, 2012

About two months ago I was asked to be on an advisory board with other medical professionals, including physicians, nurses and other CDE’s. We were brought together to review a new web portal for diabetes patients. Like most of my colleagues in attendance we were ready for the same old hum-drum site. Hand-outs, videos and the like for the patient to chose from with little regard for what each individual was ready to learn, and how best to educate them.

But after sitting in the room for a couple of hours we all were in agreement that this was something special and that the approach they were taking was totally different.

The advisory board was sponsored by Eli Lilly & Boehringer Ingelheim, and we were reviewing the My Well Planner Lifestyle Improvement Program for All Type 2’s. This week we are happy to announce that the portal has gone active and you can learn why this diabetes portal is different by reading this week’s Item #6.

Over the past year I have had my patients add dry beans and lentils to their meals on a regular basis as my own research had indicated that this might help with glucose levels. Now a new study from the British Journal of Nutrition has found that the consumption of these foods can have the same effect on the prevention of metabolic syndrome as a low calorie diet.

Be sure to check out our new video section and see who decided to give us the inside scope on diabetes care. 


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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief