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Letter from the Editor, #640: Is There a New Cure for Type 1 with an Old Vaccine?

Aug 23, 2012

This week, there’s a lot in the press about the use of an old TB vaccine to "cure" type 1 diabetes. Our publisher, Steve Freed, has put together a fantastic synopsis that cuts through the hype and delivers the real story: check out Item #1, Faustman’s Type 1 Diabetes Cure Raises Debate.

According to the University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health, the plight of young couch potatoes outranked teen pregnancy and drug abuse as problems that adults are concerned about.  This is no surprise to our activity guru, Sheri Colberg, PhD, and this week she gives us the reasons and the solutions in her feature,  Why the Physical Inactivity of Youth Is a Growing Problem.

This weekend I will get to see some extreme physical activity up close, and also how patients with diabetes can perform under these conditions. Thanks to Phil Southerland and our good friends at Team Type 1 (TT1) I will be in the team car, keeping tabs on Javier Megias, who will be riding in the 7 day 700 mile US ProCycle Challange in Colorado. Look for a special feature and pictures in next week’s newsletter.

Metformin is used first line because it works on suppressing glucagon release, a major defect in type 2 diabetes but even when we max the dose we don’t always cut off all of the excess glucagon. GLP-1 analogs can have a similar effect and when used with metformin certainly have an added effect. This week our Senior Intern from the University of Florida, Alan Mathis, has prepared a concise report on these effects and how they work.


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