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Letter from the Editor #631: Selenium and other Non-traditional Products

Jun 22, 2012

Many times our patients come in to us with a list of herbal, nutritional and other non-traditional products to help them avoid disease and live healthier. All we can do is scratch our heads and tell them it might help and hope that it doesn’t hurt. Now there is a large study that shows the results of taking the particular supplement selenium. It appears that the risk of diabetes is reduced by almost 25% in patients with proper levels of selenium (Selenium Linked to Lower Diabetes Risk by 24%).

There was an update on one of the new SGLT-2 inhibitors and we have that for you (SGLT-2 Inhibitor (Empagliflozin) Safe, Effective as Monotherapy). If you want to learn more about these drugs and how they work be sure to check out our review from last week of this new class of drugs.

Sheri Colberg PhD, an award winning researcher, addresses the issue of physical activity for the most unfit patients and why doing the right things can give a better benefit to the patients who need it most.  


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