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Letter from the Editor #621: Paula Deen and Staying on the Program

Apr 12, 2012

Yesterday I was flipping through the channels and stopped at the Food Channel when I saw that Paula Deen was on. Most of us are aware of the media frenzy when she came out and admitted she had diabetes, and all the public snafu’s that followed. Just like most news items these days she had her 15 minutes of “diabetic fame” and then it was all over. I watched the next 5 minutes of the show in which Paula was working on “breakfast in bed.” Her husband brought her three treats; a giant cinnamon roll, a Dutch apple tart and some sort of cake, which she raved over.

Thinking about her diabetes and how much food and how many grams of carbs she was eating, it dawned on me that she has the same problem as most of our patients: that is, staying on their program. Even with all the money, all the help, all the publicity she still couldn’t change long term and a mere two months later it was like her diabetes didn’t matter. What makes it worse is that with all her recent diabetes publicity many of her fans will do what she does, and so every time she eats that high glucose food you can bet thousands of her fans with diabetes do likewise.

All this food has to increase weight and you may want to read Item #2, Once Weekly Drug May Substitute for Pre-Meal Insulin, which points out details on a new drug which has been found to be more effective in reducing postprandial blood glucose than insulin. And if you take the attitude that kids are not just small adults you will find the information in Item #5, Overweight Kids Find it Difficult Staying on a Low-Carb Diet, very valuable for your practice.  



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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief