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Letter from the Editor #616: Debunking Diabetes Myths

Mar 10, 2012

Last week I learned something new about fruits and diabetes. According to something someone told one of my new patients, if you eat organic fruits they will not raise your glucose levels. Now we know that this is not true but nothing continues to amaze me like the things that our patients will believe when they hear it from anyone but us. This week’s Tool for Your Practice, Debunking Diabetes Myths, is a great print-out to hand to your patients while they wait in the exam room.

While we are on the subject of myths a few weeks ago I shared three tips that I give to my patients to help keep their metabolism going and reduce the risk of diabetes. Some of our readers questioned me on these but a new study from the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute (See this week’s Item #10, Standing Up from Your Desk Every 30 Minutes Can Avoid Diabetes by 30%) shows that one of my recommendations was spot on when it came to activity.


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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief