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Letter from the Editor #599

Nov 12, 2011

This week we are headlining the break-up of the Lilly-Amylin alliance and how that might affect the anticipated sales of the hopefully soon-to-be-approved Bydureon. Most of us found it hard to believe that after all this time that Lilly would give up on the exenatide franchise but when you examine the details of their disengagement you might be interested in what you find.

If you take the time to look at Item #6,  you will find that Sleep Apnea Increases Hypos and Autonomic Dysfunction in our patients. This can be added to a long list of problems that are associated with sleep apnea. During some recent research I was doing for an education program I found that 50% of all patients with sleep apnea have hypertension and that 50% of all hypertensive patients have sleep apnea, but the majority of them are undiagnosed. If you want a little more information check out these slides describing the relationship.



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