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Letter from the Editor: Prescription Drug Approval and Public Perception

Sep 17, 2011

As we grapple with the burgeoning diabetes problem we often have a less than favorable opinion as medical professionals of seemingly endless tests that the FDA requires for new drug and device approvals. Now a new study by Lisa M. Schwartz, MD, MS, and Steven Woloshin, MD, MS, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, points out some of the misconceptions that the general public has about new drug approvals.

In their study of nearly 3,000 participants they found that a substantial proportion of the public mistakenly believes that the FDA approves only extremely effective drugs and drugs lacking serious side effects, and they are often surprised when their medications don’t do what they expect or when side effects occur. To read a synopsis of the study, see Communicating Uncertainties About Prescription Drugs to the Public.

We are certainly going to need those new medications as a report from the EASD meeting in Lisbon indicates that we are now up to 366 million diabetes patients worldwide, an increase of over 20% in only 2 years. To read more and see what these experts figure will happen in the next 20 years check out this week’s Item #1, EASD: Diabetes Estimate Now 366 Million.



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