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Letter from the Editor #590: Eating Patterns in the US Are Getting Worse

Sep 10, 2011

When we research the articles for the newsletter we often look for items that represent thought trends in diabetes management and if this week’s news is any indication then food choices are starting to garner more attention in managing and preventing diabetes.

This can’t come too soon as a recent study showed that eating patterns in America have definitely become more diabetes unfriendly. The foods and beverages U.S. consumers ate more of last year included Pizza, Salty Snacks, Take-out Breakfast Sandwiches, Burritos and Sweetened Iced Tea.

It also appears that things will get worse before they get better: a new study indicates that the longer you are obese the more likely you are to get diabetes (Item #2, How Long a Person Is Overweight May Decide their Diabetes Risk) and now there is data showing that we should start screening for obesity at age 2 (Item #8, Start Obesity Screening as Early as Age 2). On the flip side, if we could get our patients to do some yoga (Item #9, Yoga Works for Diabetes) and then eat just one low calorie meal a day (Item #12, Just One Low Calorie Meal a Day Pays Off) we might actually be able to combat the problem.



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