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Letter from the Editor: Testing for a reason, it really works….

Aug 28, 2011

Two of the riders in this year’s US Pro Challenge on Sanofi’s Team Type 1 have type 1 diabetes and are doing quite well. To find out what happened in the stage 3 time trials see USA PRO CHALLENGE –Team Type 1 – Update.

This week a family friend called because her adult daughter had a glucose reading of 345 mg/dl at a health fair. She wanted me to talk to her daughter and then recommend a doctor for her to go see.

I gave her some information on why her glucose was high, what foods had the largest effect on her glucose, and gave her a monitor with the instructions to pick a meal and check before and 2 hours after each day.

Her new physician put her on metformin 500 bid and sent her on her way. After 2 days her readings were hovering between 320mg/dl and 450mg/dl and she called me to ask what she was doing wrong.

When asked about her food intake, she replied, “I have this carb thing figured out,” but when she described her breakfast it was 120 carbs, 3 gms protein and 0 grams fat. It was then she realized that she needed to look at the nutrition label and start to check her glucose before and after she eats. In only one week her levels were down in the low 200’s and she felt it was the result of her testing for food choices. This patient gives us a good reason to look at Item #8, Self-Monitoring Can Improve Glucose Control for Type 2’s, which points to the fact that pre and post meal testing works to improve diabetes care. It would also be worth looking at Item #10, Certain Foods Said to Help Lower Bad Cholesterol Better than a Low-Saturated Fat Diet, to see why changing fats rather than cutting them out will actually lower your cholesterol more efficiently.



TCOYD Conference and Health Fair, Amarillo Civic Center, Amarillo, Texas, September 10, 2011

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