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Letter from the Editor #498

Dec 6, 2009

Four weeks ago I gave you some information on the IDF’s new guidelines on glucose monitoring and how best to use this tool. This week Item #1 brings us comments by leading European diabetes experts led by Professor Oliver Schnell from the Diabetes Research Institute in Munich. Together they published the “Consensus Statement: A European Perspective” on the benefits of self-monitoring of blood glucose values.

When I read over this I saw the same message, SMBG works, however, I know from working in the pharmacy, that when patients are not covered any more, glucose strips are the first thing they give up because of the high cost. Now there is a study from the International Diabetes Center in Minneapolis, MN, under the direction of the Richard Bergenstal M.D. showing that the TRUEresult®  glucose testing system is just as accurate as the more expensive brand name strips and monitors. This is good news for our cash paying customers as they can keep monitoring.

Sheri Colberg, Ph.D., FACSM
  has been helping us get our patients in shape for over three years now and the response you give to her items is overwhelming. Lately she has been helping me with some patients who are really trying hard to get in shape and reverse their Type 2 diabetes. Last week I talked to her about my patients complaining of cramping, so she has shared with me the sixth and final section of her series Injuries Related to Being Active with Diabetes, Muscle Cramps: Are They Preventable?



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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief