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Letter from the Editor: Medicare Reimbursement Update

Oct 28, 2011

This week the Medical Group Management Association released a survey showing that it will be harder and harder for you to make time for Medicare patients. Over the past nine years Congress has block fee reductions totaling over 20% and now it appears that they will make some permanent changes in reimbursement for Medicare patients. Click here to find out what they plan to do and how it will affect your practice.

Every class on diabetes has a discussion on reading food labels and patients often tell you how often they read them, but based on their food diaries you are often suspect the truth may not be quite what it seems. This week’s Item #6, Why People Don’t Read Nutrition Labels, brings new information on how often patients “don’t” read labels and why. Item #3, Drinking Less than 17 Ounces of Water a Day Can Impact Blood Sugars, discusses the connection between the lack of water consumption and increased glucose levels. Be sure you check out the tip on how to get your patients to drink more.




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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief