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Letter from the Editor: Potential NAFLD Help and Recent Drug Price Trends

Apr 23, 2011

Sometimes when I write the Letter from the Editor I feel like the weatherman on TV. They can see what is happening and they can tell us what is happening but they can’t do a darn thing about it.

Last week we headlined a report from the International Liver Conference that 50% of all US adults could have NAFLD by the year 2030.  When I read the article it appeared that there was not much you could do about it based on habits exhibited by our patients. However this week our researchers have found a study done at the UT Southwestern Clinical and Translational Research Center. In this study, see this week’s Item #9, Limiting Carbs, Not Calories, Reduces Liver Fat Faster, there was evidence that lower carb food choices can reduce liver fat faster, while also improving glycemic control.

Most of us have had a battle with patients and payers to get drugs covered or paid for. This week IMS Health Inc released data and prescription drug sales grew at the second slowest rate in history in 2010. To learn the reasons why and what the future holds click here.



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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief