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Letter from the Editor: Diabetes in a Cup

Feb 12, 2011

This week I stopped at a Grab and Go Gas Mart on the way home from a program in Sarasota to get a drink. When I was at the fountain I found that the 44 ounce was no longer the largest size as a new 52 ouncer was on the scene. I filled my 32 ounce with Diet Soda so I was okay but I figured that the new one filled with regular soda had a whopping 135 grams of sugar and carbohydrates. As I walked up to the register I was greeted by an older gentleman who was about 80 pounds overweight. He asked me if I wanted to get the 52 ounce drink as it was 25 cents less than the small one. When I mentioned that the 52 ouncer had 135 grams of sugar and was like diabetes in a cup he responded by stating, “Yeah, I know, I have diabetes and I can’t wait to go out on disability: I will get more money than I make now.” We have often talked about rewarding patients for taking responsibility for improving their healthcare but it is obvious that currently the rewards for bad self care are better.

You can see this if you look at this week’s Item #10: an analysis of trends in nearly 200 countries from 1980 to 2008 showed the mean body mass index around the world increased by 0.4 kg/m2 per decade for men and by 0.5 kg/m2 per decade for women.

If you want to offer your patients a new way to help manage their weight and glucose levels then check out this week’s new products from “Kay’s Naturals.”

For years we have relied on warfarin to reduce the risk of Afib and stroke prevention, but this drug requires weekly INR when you first start and then once a month thereafter. Now there is a new kid on the block. Pradaxa (dabigatran) is a new anticoagulant, for stroke and embolism prevention that works a whole new way. Our current intern, Jennifer Freidman, has just completed a review for us.


Many of you have helped patients avert diabetes disasters and we can all learn from them. (See our Safety and Error Prevention Topic page for a complete list.) If you have a “disaster averted” then send it in and if we use it in our Diabetes Clinical Mastery Series you will receive a Visa Gift Card worth $50.00. So far, we’ve sent out almost $1,000 worth of Gift Cards! Click here to let us know the details. (You can use your name or remain anonymous if you prefer.)

Announcements: February 13, 7PM ET on CNBC

Topics: Roller derby queens take to the track in the battle against diabetes; Jim Turner fights fast food temptation; and dLife goes grocery shopping. Sundays on CNBC at 7 PM ET, 6 PM CT, and 4 PM PT. Catch up on

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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief