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Letter from the Editor: ACA Redux and Temporary Medicare Formula Fixes

Jan 22, 2011

This week we had a chance to see why government moves at the speed of dirt. It does not matter which party you favor: you have to wonder about our leaders and the way they waste money and time in order to get even. The GOP took over the House of Representatives in the recent election and the first action they took was to vote to overturn the Affordable Care Act. They decided to do this knowing that it was a futile effort as the Senate will not even consider repeal and so the bill will never make it to the President’s desk. With all the problems we have right now it seems that our leaders could use their time more wisely.

One day after voting to repeal ACA, the House passed — in a 428 to 1 vote — an amendment to the resolution calling for a permanent fix to the sustainable growth rate formula that Medicare uses to set physician reimbursement. If not for a last minute vote, reimbursement rates for medical visits would have decreased by 24%. Interestingly when you read the amendment there is no solution only a directive to fix it permanently. Again another example of our government at work.

This week we focus on the value of getting off the couch or up from the chair and moving around and I went to Sheri Colberg, Ph.D., FACSM, to see what she could add to all the good data that Steve found for us. Sheri was happy to see all the attention given to getting off the couch but also reminded me that we have plenty of muscles we can use while sitting in a chair. Check out Upper-body resistance training exercises, and how you can answer the patient who tells you they can’t walk.


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