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Letter from the Editor: GLP-1 Agonist Options

Oct 24, 2010

By now every one of us has heard that the once weekly version of exenatide, Bydureon, has been delayed by a request for a new study by the FDA. However, many of our colleagues seemed to have forgotten that the twice daily version of exenatide, Byetta, and the once daily version of liraglutide, Victoza (another GLP-1 agonist), are still available. There was a groundswell of excitement that diabetes care would be revolutionized by the once a week version but shouldn’t we be just as excited about the GLP-1 agonists currently available?

After almost 5 years of working with the GLP-1 agonists there are tons of data and information on the value of using these medications, and experience has shown that getting patients to start on these medications can be relatively simple. Why can’t we share the same excitement for these products with our patients that we were going to have for the weekly version?

Thanks to all of you who sent me a note telling me how hard it was to do the breathing exercises that our intern described in our book review of Jumpstart Your Metabolism by Pam Grout. If you have not yet tried them you may want to check it out here.

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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief