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Letter From The Editor

Letter from the Editor, #689

Over the past months there have been a lot of articles about the idea that Alzheimer’s disease may be another form of diabetes. In fact we have covered this information in previous issues of Diabetes In Control. While looking through some recent studies I found one from the Annals of …

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Editor’s Note, DCMS #148

The most severe potential complication of DKA management is cerebral edema. It accounts for 60 – 90% of all DKA deaths. So if a newly diagnosed or young patient starts to slip into DKA, the proper treatment is very, very important. In addition, diagnosing cerebral edema is hard especially in …

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Letter from the Editor, #688

Over and over we have new therapies for diabetes come to the market with lots of promise and hope. These new classes with great results in pre-marketing studies offer extra armament to fight the epidemic of diabetes yet they don’t get used because of words like "cardiac arrest" and "cancer." …

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Editor’s Note, DCMS #147

I just finished a program in Danville, California, on hospital readmissions where I spoke to medical professionals about the high cost of readmissions and possible ways to avoid them. The program focused on using care and case managers to properly help patients leave the hospital, avoiding costly and sometimes deadly …

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Special Edition, SGLT2-Inhibitors, Editor’s Desk

We have now had about three months of use of the new medication, Invokana (canagliflozin). During this time many publications including our own newsletter have been running feature stories as well as ads for the product. This delivery of information is in addition to the field representatives calling on prescribers. …

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Editor’s Note, DCMS #145:

If you look at the notes from the AACE conference, the AAFP conference and the recent ADA Scientific Sessions, you’ll notice a lot of new algorithms for the treatment of diabetes. All this information reminds me of when I was working on improving my golf game. First they told me …

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