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Letter From The Editor

Editor’s Note, DCMS #173:

We often hear about the idea of a medical care plan. My interns come to me all full of vim and vigor, and ready to do a plan on any person who presents with diabetes. However, this is hard when you have to take into account insurance plans, patient ability …

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GLP-1 Special Editions, January 2014

As we move into the ninth year that GLP-1 analogs have been available many of you have taken advantage of this class of medications for your patients. Every day more prescriptions are being filled and patients are learning the value of non-insulin injections for their diabetes. We have seen the …

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Letter from the Editor #713:

Now that we have a second SGLT-2 inhibitor on the market we are seeing other companies trying to be the newest "me too’s" on the block. Prescriber acceptance of this class is growing and so it only makes sense that more companies will try to cash in. The newest candidate …

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Letter from the Editor #712:

This past week, I was in an office in St. Petersburg seeing patients and almost all of them were on insulin. In fact they were either on Reg and NPH, or 70/30 lin mix. I have always believed that for most type 2 patients who don’t count carbs or use …

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Editor’s Note, DCMS #170:

As soon as someone with diabetes goes in the hospital they are usually put on insulin. Since many of the patients have been insulin naive or only on long-acting insulin the introduction of R or analog insulins can often be problematic. In part six of Dr. Stanley Schwartz’s Homerun Slides …

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Letter from the Editor, #710:

The new year is finally here which means the Affordable Care Act started this past Wednesday. The start-up has been fraught with computer problems, misrepresentations, and half-truths from all sides of the political spectrum. As a medical professional, however, the real question is, will patients be better off? Last Thursday, …

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