Sunday , February 25 2018
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Letter From The Editor

Editor’s Note – DCMS-258

I was reading this week’s Clinical Gem about the use of diuretics for reducing heart failure and blood pressure values. There was a mention of the differences in responses among certain ethnic groups and the difficulty that we often have with African-American patients. There was a lot of focus on …

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Editor’s Note – SE091715

GLP-1 analog therapy hit a new threshold last month with the most prescriptions ever filled in a 30-day period. There are also more prescribers using these products than ever before. I think that one of the reasons is the fear of needles has decreased. I believe that it was not …

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Editor’s Note, DCMS #257

The diabetes newsletters and services have all been carrying articles about the artificial pancreas. There are three basic components to the device. There is a pump to deliver insulin and a pump to deliver glucagon, however, the “brains” of the system is the glucose reading device. Without the brains, then …

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Letter from the Editor, #797

DPP4-Inhibitors have been on the market for seven years and, in that time, over 1 million patients have used the drug. Out of those patients, 33 reported severe joint pain. Now the FDA has published a warning, which will possibly cause prescribers and patients to discontinue using the drug. Although …

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Editor’s Note, DCMS #256

While researching some information for a CE I was preparing, I found out that approximately 74% of patients with diabetes have mild to severe hypertension. This means that in addition to the possible kidney damage caused by diabetes, most or our patients are also at risk for more kidney damage …

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Editor’s Note, DCMS #255


We have been at the U.S. Pro Challenge in Colorado this past week and after seven grueling days and 865 miles, Javier Megias of Team NovoNordisk was crowned Most Aggressive Rider. This rider, who lives with type 1 diabetes, is also the only rider who has managed to finish every …

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Editor’s Note, DCMS #254

Have you ever heard of nesidioblatosis? More importantly, have you ever put that condition together with diabetes? In our new Near Miss Case Study section, we take a look at how these conditions could totally mask what is really going on with a patient. Our Homerun Slides move to the …

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Editor’s Note, DCMS #253

Every day, more and more of our patients start on insulin. In past years, most of these patients were started on basal insulin by their primary care prescriber and then titrated up. However, when it came to adding on meal time insulin, they we’re often referred to an endocrinologist. Now …

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