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Kay’s Naturals Product Review

Feb 12, 2011

Dave Joffe, BSPharm, CDE


Kays_CookiesEach and every week we try to bring you a product that can either benefit your patients or your practice. Often times this is just a blurb and a link to a website, however at times a new product comes along that Steve or I think can make a real difference in the care of diabetes patients. I was introduced to Kay’s Naturals by our president Andrew Young, who has Type 1 diabetes and manages his glucose very well.

We often have companies mail us products for testing and I asked the folks at Kay’s to ship me a selection of products to try.

The selection included the only Gluten Free pretzels I have ever seen, chili nacho cheeses chips, apple crisp cereal and cookie bites. In my mind I was thinking low calorie snacks but when I sank my teeth into the product I realized they were Protein_Cereal much more than another good tasting snack food.

These were more like “grab and go meals,” something that would fill you up and satisfy your hunger.

These mini-meals tasted really good and were gluten and wheat free, had a lot of soy protein and were very low in carbohydrates and high in fiber. The combination of ingredients made them the perfect food for my diabetes patients. I especially like that each package was a single serving and that they averaged about 10 grams of carbs and 10 grams of protein. And these guys are not satisfied with just making a few products and selling them. While I am writing this I am munching on some awesome tomato basil cheese puffs that just came out.

ChipsSince many of our patients seem to want to eat all day I found that using the pretzel sticks and protein chips kept them full without raising their glucose. Although it wasn’t a scientific study I had a couple of my patients eat the cookies and do a glucose check 2 hours later. This is typically my way of testing a manufacturer’s claim and these cookies had no effect on glucose as the post-prandial rise was less than 10mg/dl in every case.

If you want to help your patients stay the course on their diabetes or weight management programs then Kay’s is the Natural Choice for your patients.

To learn more about the fabulous products from Kay’s, follow this link: Kay’s Naturals.