Dec 6, 2013

iOS/Free Basic Version 


The free Kareo app gives medical professionals an easy and convenient way to keep track of patient appointments. Whether walking the halls of the hospital, commuting to the office, or trying to grab lunch on a busy day, the Kareo app will keep you informed and on-time. The Kareo app works with Kareo’s medical billing software. All appointments scheduled within Kareo display immediately in the Kareo app.

Physicians and other medical professionals can view:

  • All appointments scheduled for the day, week, or month
  • The name, age, and phone number for the scheduled patient(s)
  • Time of the visit and how long it is scheduled reason for the visit
  • Patient status – check-in, cancelled, etc…
  • Notes about the appointment

If you are a hands-on care giver, the Kareo app will help you better manage your day whether you focus your clinic hours in a single location or you are in many different care settings throughout the week.

Overall Impressions from Around the Web: 

Although this app is free, it is really an extension of the software which either you or your company must own. That said, the system seems to work well although it is still being tweaked for further enhancements.

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