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June 27, 2017

Jun 27, 2017

daveI had the good fortune of attending a Children with Diabetes conference some 10 years ago at Disney World in Orlando. During this conference, many of the kids had been keeping their insulin in their room refrigerators. One morning, some of the kids woke to find their insulin either frozen or with ice crystals floating in the bottle. However, an even greater number appeared to have nothing wrong at all. I was able to make calls to some local pharmacies and find insulin to replace all the ones that had appeared to get too cold. As the other kids were injecting their insulin, I wondered if some of them also had insulin that had frozen and then thawed, and if that ruined the insulin.

This week, our Disaster Averted looks at what happens when insulin freezes and then thaws, and how when this happened to one patient, he came up with a simple solution to make sure it never happens again.

Dave Joffe