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June 25, 2016

Jun 25, 2016


Normally when I sit down to prepare the editor’s desk, I read through the articles we are featuring and think about what happened in the past week in the world of diabetes and healthcare; then I fashion my comments to encourage you to read our entire newsletter. This week I don’t have to do any of these things, because I am turning my pen over to our Associate Medical Editor, Joy Pape.

According to Joy, “Dr. Lois Jovanovic has always been an inspiration to me. I don’t like to take no for an answer, and neither does she. Lois is known for her work in diabetes in pregnancy, and continues to change lives! Not only has she changed lives, but also brought so many children into this world to people who had pre-existing diabetes, gestational diabetes…or as she calls it now, women who have hyperglycemia in pregnancy. This week we have a special interview with my mentor that I am very very proud to share with you.”


dLifeTV.com: Sunday, June 26, 7PM ET

From dLife.com: “Dr. Stuart Weiss delves into the technology behind the latest diabetes meter devices; Jim Turner acts out one viewer’s balcony mishap in Jim Turner’s Diabetes Theatre and Lorena Drago takes us shopping for Hispanic food specialties that can help with blood glucose management.” Sundays live online at dLifeTV.com at 7 PM ET, 6 PM CT, and 4 PM PT. Keep up on the latest dLife news at dLifeTV.com.


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Dave Joffe, Editor-in-chief